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" We don't fear the unknown, we fear that what we know will come to an end."

Therapy for Young Adults

Are you feeling lost? Confused? Without a purpose? Like you don't belong?


This is a difficult stage in life where you are faced with academic or career challenges, family differences, societal expectations and relationships.      This can all feel overwhelming; creating a sense of despair, anxiety and powerlessness.  You are trying to find a balance between all these factors and learning about yourself along the way. 

This is not an easy time for anyone and most often then not we find ourselves feeling lost and confused; comparing ourselves to everyone who seems to have life figured out. It may be a time where you feel very alone in trying to find a sense of direction and an answer to the ultimate question: what’s next? 

As scary as it may feel, you will get through it and it can be very helpful to have someone who can provide support along the way. There are a lot of changes and transitions happening and my role is to help guide you through them meaningfully.  Therapy can be beneficial by giving you a space to asses your situation, talk through decisions, learn about your self, navigate expectations and improve relationships. 

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