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Cross Cultural Therapy

   for Diverse Couples

"To love means to be actively concerned for the life & growth of another." - Irvin Yalom

The world we live in today has become more diverse than before thanks to the ease of travel and the connectivity of the internet. Being in a cross-cultural relationship may be fun, exciting and most definitely different but it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. 


Understanding cultural differences can be difficult and it may take more adjustment than expected. There are many internal and external factors that impact you and may leave you more susceptible to relationship difficulties. Challenges such a:  language, immigration, role expectations, traditions, homesickness, religious practices, an extended family just to name a few. 


You love your partner and have hope for your relationship. But you can't ignore the many changes you may have experienced, perhaps you have had to give up aspects of your own culture, adjust your cultural beliefs and habits or may even need to deal with extended family who is not very supportive.


With the help of therapy, couples can learn to practice cultural humility, increase their understanding and awareness, learn to be accepting towards each other's culture, overcome communication barriers, strengthen your bond, express your needs, identify cultural vs. familial vs. personal expectations and see the similarities that make you wonderfully unique.

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