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Couples Therapy

Do you feel lost in your relationship? Fighting all the time and can’t seem to understand one other. Do you feel like your just going through the motions, engaging in the same patterns? It may be that you feel emotionally disconnected as a couple or are trying to overcome an affair. Has excitement been lost in familiarity? Is your sexual intimacy being impacted? Are you going through a painful loss that has left you in grief?  Many of these things may leave you feeling hopeless. But I believe that hopelessness can turn into transformation. With the right support, you can see hope at the end of that long tunnel. 

We often don’t have a model to follow on how to be a good partner or how a healthy relationship should look like. We are constantly given information from our environment on how relationships “should” look like and how partners “should” be. But that may not always be a reality. With the help of therapy, you can shift your perspective on your relationship, on your partner and on yourself. You can learn to repair what feels lost and restore trust, love, and happiness. You can create new experiences that can help you improve your connection, you can learn new and healthy patterns to improve your communication and increase your ability to express what you need and want in the relationship.

Image by Ruben Ramirez
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