Whether you are getting ready to welcome your first child into the world or are trying to parent children of different ages parenting can be stressful. Trying to find a balance between your own personal demands, maintaining your relationship and keeping up with the responsibilities of a parent can sometimes feel daunting. 


Parenting can be a new challenge for many couples and can often create conflict over opposing parenting styles. This can impact not only the couple unit but also the family as a whole, creating more disagreements and greater discord. Regardless of the age of the child, parenting is a life long learning process. 


Getting outside support through counseling can be a resource that can help you discover new effective parenting strategies, reduce parenting-related stress and improve your relationship as parents. I use a strength-based approach to help parents set age-appropriate boundaries, understand the needs of their children, reinforce positive behaviors, learn how to implement healthy consequences and create a lasting relationship with their child.

A child’s home environment can have a tremendous impact on their emotional, mental and physical well being.