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Post Traumatic Growth

          "There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds."-Laurelle Hamilton

SAMHSA describes trauma as an event or circumstances resulting in: physical harm, emotional harm and/or life threatening harm.  Whether trauma is experienced due to abuse, physical violence, sexual assault, death, immigration or early childhood stressors trauma knows no time and is experienced at a very individual level. Trauma does however impact our brain development and has life long  effects on our body and overall health if unaddressed. Individuals who live in trauma see the world differently, have difficulty trusting and begin to anticipate that bad things will happen more often.


Post Traumatic Growth is about learning to build upon your innate resilience, to transform your pain and suffering. Our focus will not be in just helping you learn ways to cope through painful times but rather on feeling and living better. Through this approach you will shift away from surviving to  creating safety, reconnecting with yourself, establishing loving relationships and rebuilding a new normal. I can support you by learning ways to make meaning out of the pain in order for you to get a deeper appreciation for your life. 


Facing the shadows of trauma that haunt us takes a lot of courage but so does recognizing that avoiding, hiding or running away from it is the best option. I am here to support you through this journey of reclaiming your life. 

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