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Wedding Embrace

Launch Your Marriage

First five years 

You made it! You’ve found a loving and supportive partner that is committed to sharing a lifetime of adventures with you. You got through the “I do’s” and all that comes before and after. Now what? As you start settling into this new phase of your relationship and the honeymoon glow starts to fade you may find yourself feeling lost. Life transitions, such as getting married, is a crucial turning point in both of your lives and an opportunity to strengthen your relationship. 

I often find that couples benefit the most from couples counseling during the first few years of their marriage. Launch your marriage is a specially designed approach to assist couples who are in their first three years of marriage set forth in the right path towards a healthy long-lasting future together. Whether or not you engaged in pre-marital counseling or have been married before every newlywed couple can benefit from this growing and healing process. Therapy can help you increase your emotional connection in a kind, respectful, and trusting way. 

Couples will have an opportunity to: share deep fears, identify relationship dynamics, learn to be vulnerable with one another, foster understanding, instill empathy, learn to express needs, set clear expectations, improve communication, establish effective problem-solving skills but most of all heal any past wounds and break free from hurtful patterns. My role is to help you create the marriage you dream to have. 

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