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Whenever we are in a serious relationship with another person, it is inevitable that difficult situations will arise. This therapy is for any couple who can benefit from another pair of eyes that offer a different perspective on the relationship. This does not mean that something is "wrong" in your relationship or that you have to embark on the path to a formal commitment.

Therapy can be of great benefit by facilitating difficult conversations that are often avoided, such as past wounds, character changes, or habits that bother each other. It can also help you learn a healthier way to communicate and understand each other, to overcome transitions and changes in life, as well as, discover the goals of your relationship. Being able to sit down as a couple and allow yourself to be vulnerable and emotionally intimate is the best investment you can make.


Premarital therapy can be a good way to start your marriage on the right track with a solid foundation that can sustain any coming storm. The engagement stage can be full of many emotions: love, anxiety, excitement, fear and stress.

This is a good time to talk about your expectations for your marriage and the many things that a marriage encompasses, such as parenting, in-laws, finances, sexuality, employment, and more.


Premarital therapy can be for newly engaged couples getting married for the first time, as well as, for couples in which one or both have already married before. It is difficult to learn from our previous experiences if you have not taken the time to process them.

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