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Divorce & Separation Recovery

"When we no longer are able to change a situation, we challenged to change ourselves."
                                                                      -   Viktor Frankl

We are not defined by our mistakes nor by the problems we are able to solve or not. Divorce and separation is a problem between two. Although I believe that every marriage and relationship has the potential to thrive I also believe that it takes commitment and dedication from both partners. As much as you have tried to save your relationship there are times where we must learn to let go. Whatever the reason may have been, the effects are tremendous. I have witnessed the impact of divorce and separation and understand the devastation and challenges that accompany this decision. 


You may feel broken, empty, lonely, hopeless and exhausted. You are grieving not only the loss of your relationship but also the loss of a future with that partner. Your world is shattered into so many pieces you may not know what to do with them all or where to start. 

My role is to accompany you in picking up all the pieces and reconstructing yourself. Supporting you in re-inventing your life by reclaiming your voice, understanding your mistakes, redefining your relationships and finding meaning in this suffering. You will learn to regain your sense of self and believe that you are worthy of love.  Together we can create an action plan for the “what now?” wether that includes children, assets or planning for a new chapter in your life. I guarantee that the pain and suffering you experience now will not last forever.

Image by Dev Asangbam
Image by Ethan Sykes
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