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Blended Families 


Family Fun

Blended Families face similar but also very different challenges than most families. There may be more sets of adults that are all trying to parent which may make communication difficult. The intention of raising healthy and happy children can be lost in the multitude of responsibilities and concerns. Working to blend a family is a time of adjustment for all; as parents and step-parents try to learn about their different child-rearing practices and the children adapt to their multiple parent figures. It can be a time of havoc for many.


Setting clear boundaries, respecting each other’s values, discussing discipline practices and learning to cooperate can be some of the ways that we can create harmony within the family. 

Image by Izzy Park

Parents who have already divorced, are in the process of getting divorced or are separating may need additional support in navigating their new role as a parent. What's most important is to not let resentment, anger or sadness get in the way from providing your children with a loving environment that can help them thrive. Having children get lost in the middle of the arguments and negotiations or making them make choices does not only increases stress in their lives but also creates additional problems for parents.


I assist parents to develop strategies for sharing information, work out the logistics of time spent with children, improve conflict management and increase consistency. Our goal is to establish a plan that can provide a sense of security and stability for your children. 

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