Booking: You are NOT able to book the appointment directly using the calendar below. Please email your appointment request to me at and I will confirm the appointment. 

New Clients: 

STEP 1: For individuals, look at the calendar below to see if there are any recurring appointments open, once per week or every-other-week.  For couples or families, the first session will be double in length (100 minutes- 50 minutes to set initial goals and another 50 to start the therapy process ). This can be a challenge for busy couples/families and will take commitment on your part.​

STEP 2: Fill out the form located on the contact page and include your requested recurring time. I will then send you an email  or give you a call to book  your initial session and recurring appointment

48 Hour Cancellation Policy: Your therapy appointment time is exclusively reserved for you and is considered a firm commitment. One-time exceptions may be made for unforeseeable emergency or illness, otherwise, payment in full will be due. If one person in a couple/family is unable to attend a joint session, attending solo may be an option (please check with me first). Please be aware that insurance companies do not reimburse for missed sessions.